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Help for directory companies and products

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Help for directory companies and products
maybe you can substitute me, how i can go to reach the following dirctory with Linkssql.

-directory for companies, i can put the companies in different categories.
-directory for products, i can put the products in different categories.

-User should be able to ADD their company.
-User should be able to add products in the product directory related to their company site.
-on each product there should be a link to the site with the related company.

-Visitors should be able to contact a company using a contact formular. the inquiry will be sent to the hidden email of the company.

Maybe somebody can bring me on the way which way i should go to , please...Smile

I think with Linkssql should this be able very easy. Need i understand perl ?Angelic

I thought also to reach it with drupal, cause the user management there is good and the taxonomy system,
but i think Linkssql is the better system to do this.

Thanks and best regards


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Re: [manne] Help for directory companies and products In reply to
Hi manne,

Gossamer-Links can easily do all of what you are asking for.
regarding sending hidden e-mails, this is possible as well by using a "sendmail plugin" which is available for a few dollars.

You might contact Gossamer-threads directly and they will set it up for you.
There is no need for you to understand any Perl-scripting-language.Smile

Best regards,

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Re: [manne] Help for directory companies and products In reply to

The easiest way, is to add a "type" field .. something like:

TypeOfListing => Link/Product

Then, in link.html/detailed.html, you can do stuff like:

<%if TypeOfListing eq "Link"%>
show a normal link listing
show a product listing design

Setting up add.html is the hardest part - although if you arn't looking for anything fancy, you could just do something like:

Type of listing: (select box) Link/Product

Link details (if applicable)
...list of fields that can be completed if its a link they are adding
Product Details (if applicable)
...list of fields that can be completed if its a product they are adding

Its a bit vague, but hopefully it will get you on the right track :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [manne] Help for directory companies and products In reply to
Thank you very much for your help.

I think i will put some product fields in the link table or i will make a new table for products.

But i still don t know, how to make the rekation between the products and the company.

I think the best would be to store the companydates in the user table and then make the submitted by "user" linkable to a site with the user/companydates. Then i would have the relation.

But how i get this user/companydescribtion in a category that fits...?
It should be choosable while the user is registrating.
The category is choosabe for links in the add template. Maybe its possible to make the same for the users while registration.?