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HELP - Modify Link Error

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HELP - Modify Link Error

I am trying to modify a link in the Browse Section.

When I do, I get the error msg....

Unable to modify link:

+ Column isPopular cannot be left blank.

It does not look like I have any blank fields:

Hits: 0

isValidated: Yes

Rating: 0.00

Votes: 0

Priority: Yes

PriorityImage: Sp

I just added the Featured Listings Mod from post#183457. I am not sure if this is causing this?? Can't see why.

Another question..... Is Priority Image above simply Text, or can it be an image?

Thanks alot in advance.


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sooke: Apr 3, 2002, 9:27 PM
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Re: [sooke] HELP - Modify Link Error In reply to

It sounds like you are missing the isPopular field from either your database or the .def file.

Try this:

1. Goto Database->Links->Properties, and click on Resync Database. Do you now see an isPopular field there? If yes, you should be good now.

2. If no, you need to add it in (not sure how it got deleted?). Click on Add Column, and set isPopular, column type = ENUM, column index = regular, column values = No\nYes, Not Null = Yes, Default = No, Form Type = SELECT and Form Size = 0.

Let me know if that solves things.


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Re: [Alex] HELP - Modify Link Error In reply to
Step One seems to have done it!

Thanks Alex!

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Re: HELP - Modify Link Error In reply to
I've got the same error message :
Unable to modify link :
+ Column isPopular cannot be left blank.
When I try to move a link from a cat to another.

I have a field called isPopular in the Links table, but this field is empty in most records.

What can I do ?