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Gossamer Links... sucks

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Gossamer Links... sucks
ok, before someone replies back... here is my reason...
It is still living in dinosaurs age with old fashion directory listing that even yahoo & dmoz gave up.

For average Joe who does not have custom programming experience or a team, their is not much scope to modify to make it like real estate listing etc.

When these days to fight spam it is a bare minimum when submitting form to validate code in a dynamic image, but it is not yet implemented in links w/o plug-ins.

It is sad to see that many basic features are not implemented, because of interest in selling plugins. It would have been great if instead of focusing on selling plugin alone, team should implement
basic features like including lite versions of them & later offering as full feature pro versions as plugins to sell,
Just example (may not apply):- Including simple version text ads or text bids with limits to 2 ads, with upgrade option of unlimited paid version.

My point is gossamer should at least include basic features it should not matter if their is plugin or not.

It is same what I got 10 years ago, only thing that is implemented new is payment in 3.x version in last 10 years.

Gossamer should innovate to survive otherwise it will just go bust like others in past. It should at least include code to enable wizard like function so that extra fields could be included so any type of listing service could be run w/o programming.

I don't expect Gossamer team will do any of the above, but worth informing what customers looking for?