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Glinks - DMOZ Importing - Cat. Restructure Problems

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Glinks - DMOZ Importing - Cat. Restructure Problems
A little while back I struck a very repeatable problem with moving categories using the Browse interface in Glinks Admin after importing links & cats from DMOZ.

In a nutshell, the problem only occurs in this instance:
If you move a subcat which has child cats to another category, then the links in the child categories still point to the old categories.
This leads to category table corruption if you subsequently zap the old DMOZ categories from your database.

There appears to be a work-a-round that backs out the problem, if you move each of the child categories (of the category you moved) to another category and back again, the links in those categories get corrected and point to the right category. This needs to be repeated for each of the lower categories below them in a recursive fashion.

And note, if the cat being moved has no subcats then there is no problem. Also, it only appears to happen after importing from DMOZ, it's not a generic thing of course.

I emailed GT support about this last week back haven't had any response yet.

Just on the topic of category table corruption - you won't know that your categories are corrupted until something unexpected happens.
Doing a repair tables won't pick up the problem I mention above but a rebuild of your category tree most likely will (However, you're encouraged to seek advice from GT before running that as mentioned in the admin.)

I really think repair tables should include some code to check the parent/cat. name structure, perhaps as a flag option on the nph-build.cgi --repair command. My 2c there. Btw, I posted some code a while back to check for this....

Peter Puglisi
Ultimate Freedom is our game.

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