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Get rid of cats, two columns in News.

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Get rid of cats, two columns in News.
Play around with the News at the moment.
I had to do the following things:

1. First i dont want all cats on my News, so there must be a way to exclude some.
Think here is it right:
# Get the category names.
my @ids = map { $_->{ID} } @$results;
my $catlink = $DB->table('CatLinks','Category');
my %names = $catlink->select ('LinkID', 'Full_Name', { LinkID => \@ids })->fetchall_list;

Maybe with something like "Name" "!=" "Excluded" in the select clause, but how to write it?

2. Second one is to pass my links to the news-page with two rows, while some tags are not passed, i cant use the syntax from the ressources like in category.html

<%loop links_loop%>
<%if first%>
<table width="480" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<%if row_num %2 eq 1%>
<tr align="left" valign="top">
<%if row_num %2 eq 1%>
<td width=50% align=left>
<%else%><td width=50% align=right><%endif%>

<%ifnot row_num %2 %>
<%if last%>
<%if row_num % 2 eq 1%>

Maybe i should try to pass the right tags in build.pm / news.