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GLinks 3.x classic template demonstration

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GLinks 3.x classic template demonstration
I was bored the other day and thought it would be cool to demonstrate some of the potential of the new XHTML + CSS templates available in Gossamer Links 3.x. Here's an image of a partially completed 'classic' template set:

The template files have been attached.

Some notes:
  • The only templates modified are the include_footer.html to add the extra navigation and the include_leftsidebar.html to add the sidebar content on the homepage.

  • The template inherits from luna, so don't forget it needs the .tplinfo file that's in the template directory

  • The template isn't complete, and probably won't be (unless someone else wants to finish it). Pretty much only the home page and the category page has been styled, everything else will look like the luna template set.

  • Tested with IE5.5, IE6, Opera 7.54, IE5/mac, Safari 1.2.4, and Firefox 1.0.2.

  • To use it, unarchive classic.tar.gz and move the contents of the static directory into build_static_path, and the contents of the templates directory into build_admin_path/templates. Remember you can view the template set without changing your default by passing in t=classic.

Have fun!