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Funky Page Problems (New, Cool, Rating)

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Funky Page Problems (New, Cool, Rating)
Okay, here's the weird situation -- I was playing with my LinksSQL and I'm not sure what I did but...

1] When I click on Build HTML, it SAYS it's building the New, Cool, and Ratings pages but it doesn't. I even tried manually adding the directories (making them 777) and still nothing
~ I've checked in the setup area and did ask it to build "new" and "cool"
~ http://www.xxxx.com/...n/links/page.cgi?d=1 - brings you to the 'new' page instead of the category page

2] When I click on "Dynamic" from the admin side, it takes me immediately to the initial "new" page where it lists the date and how many links are added INSTEAD of the main page. When you click on the "date" it gives you 404 because it didn't 'build' the date page ---> HOWEVER, when you Build HTML and click on "home page" it DOES go back to the main category listings page.

I appreciate your help with this weird thing!

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Me2Be: Mar 11, 2002, 12:23 AM