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Fraudulent Activities...

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Fraudulent Activities...
Hi. I've had over $700 worth of plugins ordered today, and at least a couple of them have been fraudulent. The person ordering them obviously uses LinksSQL somewhere, which is why I'm posting here.

Just so you know (whoever you are).. PayPal are looking into these purchases, and *will* catch up with you. Did you really think you hid your IP that well? Wink

Either way.. it prooves (once again) how crappy PayPal's password security (they should have a passcode as well as username/password to improve security).

I've deactivated any purchases that were made in the last 48 hours (unless I know who purchased it, i.e they have been in contact with me), in case they were fraudulent purchases too :(

Sorry to post this publicley, but I wanted to let people know that I'm not very tolerable with this kind of stuff.. and anyone I catch making fake purchases with someone elses account, deserves to be shot (especially after having loads of money stolen by 'mates' from my cash cards). Its just so childish, and shows you obviously don't have a lot to show for yourself if you need to do this kinda stuff :(

Sorry to all of the genuine customers I have... but after some idiot reversed into my car last week, I've been franticley trying to make the money back to get it repaired. When you wake up and find $700+ in your PayPal account, you automatically think "great" ... until you find out you won't actually get any of that money :(

Again, sorry for the rant.. but I wanted to make sure the person who put this order through, knows that I'm not taking this lightly.


Andy (mod)
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