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Formatting Text Field Output

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Formatting Text Field Output

I'd like to parse the input into a text field so that hitting return while entering the text will be passed on as a line break to the database to preserve the paragraph formatting that the user intended.

Any ideas on how this can be done easily?

Safe swoops
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Something like;

sub {
my $field = $_[0];
$field =~ s/\n/\<BR\>/gi;
return $field;

...called with something like;



Andy (mod)
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Re: [sangiro] Formatting Text Field Output In reply to

I do something like this for the field Description with the global called Description_Formatted:


sub { my $tags = shift; my $description = $tags->{Description}; $description =~ s/\n/<BR>\n/g; return $description; }

Then on the template where I want the line breaks for the Description field retained I use the <%Description_Formatted%> tag instead of <%Description%>. You can change the global code to use another field name (replacing the field name Description with the other field name in the global code) to have that field output with line breaks.