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Finding Category with Link ID?

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Finding Category with Link ID?

Can anyone tell me if there is a standard tag that can be used to get the "category" and its URL, of a link if I have the Link ID?

As an example, if I used it on a detailed page, what I want to do is provide a link back to the category the link is in (although I'm not using it on a detailed page).

I have tried <%GT::Template::dump%> but there doesn't seem to be on in there.


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ryel01: Sep 10, 2001, 5:24 PM
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Re: [ryel01] Finding Category with Link ID? In reply to

This isn't available as the link could be in one or more categories. You could do this with a global though:

get_category_url =>
sub {
my $tags = shift;
my $catlink_db = $DB->table ('CatLinks', 'Category');
my $sth = $catlink_db->select ( ['Full_Name'], { LinkID => $tags->{ID} });
my ($full_name) = $sth->fetchrow_array;
my $cat_db = $DB->table('Category');
my $url = $cat_db->as_url ($full_name);
return $url;
Untested, but looks like it should work.


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Re: [Alex] Finding Category with Link ID? In reply to
This code would return the first occurance of the Link/category, or "the" category if the link was only in one category.

You'd need to iterate the returned hash of values, convert the full name to the url code, push this onto an array, and return the array reference for the <%loop%> variable to use.

I'd offer up some code, but I don't see the point of putting more untested code on top of untested code <G> But, it would be just a modification of a line or two of the codes above to add the iterator and the push.

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