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Final Update

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Final Update

Unfortunately I ran out of time today, and won't be able to put the final version up. I just put up what will be the final, and will finish things on Monday (I will be out of town this weekend and won't be able to work on it).

Have a great weekend,


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Alex this is cool.. it is actually like.. Finished? wow.

What are the plans after this then? I know of the following:

1) review plugin (i hope this has good features)
2) vbulletin plugin (after a few weeks)
3) spider plugin (quite exciting that one).

so what other plans are there? are you making any more free and/or paid mods? any plans for changes in the editor system that were discussed a few weeks ago? ... after a rest of course.

p.s. did you put the "get meta tags and description of new site" in as you said, it was not in beta5 as i recall.

cheers Alex.

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