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Filtering ALL CAPS in site submissions

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Filtering ALL CAPS in site submissions

I wondered if there was a way of searching for site submissions that contain words in ALL CAPS in the Title or Description fields; either through the LSQL Admin interface or using MySQLman?

All the best
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Re: [qango] Filtering ALL CAPS in site submissions In reply to
hi shaun,

i think you mean to filter the submission-entries which contain ALL CAPS and the give out an error that ALL CAPS are not allowed during the submission or automattically change the submission to what you want. Don't you ?

I think this doesn't work yet. But by the way this would be a great function for every submission-text-field.

i have a keyword-field and don't allow commas. but as stupid as some submitters are, they always insert commas in their keywords even it is mentioned (bold and red) in my submission-form that commas are not allowed.

an automatic way to change them into space during the submission would be very good.

some kind of a "rules"-admin-definition-possibility for the submission-form-text fields would be a very great additional function to links_sql!


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Re: [qango] Filtering ALL CAPS in site submissions In reply to
I had the idea in my mind, to filter off those ALL CAPS submissions.

Very likely I will implement sometime in my Xtended A.M.D. plugin. Probably not in the first release, but I plan to implement it.
It will also make have option, to even deny a submission if the text has most CapITALS.

Best regards,

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