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Few problems

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Few problems
I just installed the alpha10...and I still notice some problems that I can't found on the demo site on GT.

1) The templates footer still report a Unknown Tag 'date' and unknown tag 'time'

Edited - I found this one...i could solve the problem adding the time and date sub to other templates other than default...they just miss that sub ( just copy it from the default template ).
It seems the Template Global doesn't work correctly...that variables aren't globals but only related to default template.
Alex maybe you could fix this in next release...

2) The 'add a site' feature still broke templates when called...i mean you will return to default template

3) I cannot limit users to add links in the main page...without choosing a category

4) The subscribe.cgi still give me a 500 error

5) Any way to build a static template links ??? i mean altavista but not dynamic...

6) The full button in the admin page (browse) wont expand the tree

7) why if someone is not an editor could still add links ???

8) again about editors...why not edit an editor too ??? actually you can add or delete

9) About adding a link...when using it as an user ( so not from admin...)...after entering data...there is an error : Category: Unknown Tag: 'Category' ( in default template )
And also the category list box disappear.

Well again sorry for all my questions or reports...sometimes they could be silly...but maybe could be also useful :P

Valerio Verde

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Re: Few problems In reply to
Hi Valerio,

Thanks for the feedback, it definately helps!

1. I will move over the language files and globals to the other templates once I am done, for now the other templates may not work 100%.

In Reply To:
that variables aren't globals but only related to default template
Can you explain this? Do you mean that you variable isn't in the snap template, only the default template? This is how it's meant to work. =) That way you can have different language files or functions for different template sets. A wap template may need something not used at all by other template sets.

2. See above.

3. You need to set db_gen_category_list = 1 in the Build options. This turns of generation of any category lists, and requires the user to click on Add from the category they want.

4. I'll look into this.

5. No, but this is a good idea! How would you want to specify which template set to use?

6. No, the category browser works as follows:

i. If you have less then 100 categories, the entire tree will be loaded automatically.

ii. If you have more then 100 category and less then 2,000, pressing full will load the entire tree into memory so that when you expand a section you do not need to go to the database.

iii. If you have more then 2,000 categories, the full button will not appear as that much javascript at once could crash your browser. Categories will load on demand as you use it.

7. Editors have the ability to add links unvalidated. Regular users who add links must be validated before they appear in the directory.

8. Sorry, I don't understand, please explain a bit more.

9. I'll look into this one!

Thanks for the feedback!


Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: Few problems In reply to
About templates, I think it could be fine to switch between templates but not only dynamically but also at build time...a little as in Links...so you could choose the Snap template and build a statically links with that template.

About editors...i mean...in admin panel, when you choose to add an editor, you can actually just add it or remove it...but you cannot edit his permissions. It could be nice if you could also edit him, instead of deleting and readding.

Thx :D

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Re: Few problems In reply to

Two suggestions:

1) You have default directory, mine is say www.domain.com/dir

when you go "build all" it asks you to select the template group to build with.

2) You have multiple builds of your site. I know this is going to take up a lot of space but it should not be too hard to add in?

Basically, you can have one set to


and another to


or something like that. Now i don't know how you would do it, perhaps need two installations of the cgi scripts so that if you are in www.domain.com/dir2 and click on add.cgi you keep the same templates from dir2 and do not revert back to dir1.



it would be great if it was possible to set the index (homepage) file to be in the root folder, ie at www.domain.com but then all the categories and other pages inside a folder like www.domain.com/dir this could perhaps be a possible admin option to set the path for the index page.


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