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Featured Links Only on First Category Page

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Featured Links Only on First Category Page

I'd like to set up our directory such that when someone goes to a category page, it will include only those links designated as Featured on that first category page, and then after these Featured Links, have a link to the next page(s) which list the additional links as the program normally does.

For example, if a given category had three links designated as Featured, then it would list only those three links on the first category page, and the additional pages would include the rest of the links listing as many per page as designated in the setup.

The purpose is to get users to really focus on the Featured Links first and requiring them to click to the next page in order to see more links.

If there were no Featured Links for a category, then it would just start listing the regular links as it normally does.

Does anyone have any idea if this could be done? Thanks in advance for any assistance, ideas...


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Re: Featured Links Only on First Category Page In reply to

It probably can be done with a lot of work restructuring the build process, but would you really want to?

Think about it ... would many people re-visit and re-use a directory where they have to click on 'Next Page' every time to find the listings they are looking for - I personally think it would become annoying very quickly.

I assume these 'featured links' will be some form of sponsorship or revenue generation links and I appreciate that everyone needs to get their funding from somewhere, but why not simply add them to the top of the category pages over and above the standard links, and put them in a bright, attractive table that makes them 'stand out'? From my personal experience I also think they'd get more attention this way too Smile

If you want to go down the route of 'selective' first pages, have a look at how the build process splits links up and span them across multiple pages, that's the basis of how'd you'd work this kind of mod. You'd obviously need to set the 'trigger' for spanning to be something like "if $featured=Y, build on first page then build standard links on page 2, 3, etc. -> else add standard links and build as normal.", but I can't really offer any code hacks to assist as I'm still using V1.13 Smile

Hope this helps.

All the best

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Re: Featured Links Only on First Category Page In reply to
Thanks Shaun for your comments and input. I currently do have our directory set up with Featured Links being listed first with special formatting to make them stand out, and agree that this is easiest for the users.

I do know that the click-through is much, much higher for links on the first page, and people can quickly scroll down a page past the Featured ones.

All in all, however, I agree with you that the current way is much better for users, although the click-through would be less for the sponsors with Featured Links.

I appreciate your insights.