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FatherID error

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FatherID error
I am trying to import two different .rdf files (blocks of the content.rdf - DMOZ) using the following command in telnet:./nph-import.cgi --import=RDF --source=/home/sites/site1/web/cgi-bin/directory/admin/colleges.rdf --destination=/home/sites/site1/web/cgi-bin/directory/admin/defs --rdf-category="Top/Reference/Education/Colleges_and_Universities" --rdf-destination="Education/Colleges and Universities/" --rdf-add-date="2001-01-01"

The first block works fine, but when I use the same command to import the second block:

./nph-import.cgi --import=RDF --source=/home/sites/site1/web/cgi-bin/directory/admin/early.rdf --destination=/home/sites/site1/web/cgi-bin/directory/admin/defs --rdf-category="Top/Reference/Education/Early_Childhood" --rdf-destination="Education/Early Childhood/" --rdf-add-date="2001-01-01"

I get the following error:

CRITICAL ERROR OCCURED: Execute: Column 'FatherID' cannot be null at /home/sites
/site1/web/cgi-bin/directory/admin/Links/Import/RDFS2.pm line 328

Any suggestions on what to do????


</not a clue>
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