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External User Database

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External User Database

I need to have an external user database before I can update any of the production sites to the new code.

Right now, I have them running on a "USERS" database, and all the requests for $USER goes through that.

How would I create a "USER" object that used a different database, so that I could get the whole program to NOT look locally for a USER record.

You had said everything goes through "AUTH" but how?

Currently, my user database stores several pieces of extra information:

Join_Site (the site they originally joined on)

Links only uses 3 pieces of information -- Username, Password and Email

It would be really, really great if there was a way to specify a database the same way you specify a prefix on the tables. As sites get larger, by version 3.0 of the program, you might have to allow for different machine connects as well! <G>

Right now, while an overall solution would be great, I'd settle for a hack, since I know down the road it will get all worked out.


The user logs on. The program has to go look at the database for the information. The information is read into a cookie, and a session record (which can be stored locally, as long as the session is re-initalized and not "bombed" if the user switches sites) created. The program doesn't look at the user database again - correct?

So, the only time it has to look at the database is for inserting a new record, updating a new record, and reading a record on logon.

It should be possible to do this. :)

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