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Export all fields?

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Export all fields?

i don't know if this article should be posted into thread i have posted before ...
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum_view_collapsed; .. anyway ... when i try to export data in Database --> Links --> Properties --> Export it doesn't export all fields (missing fields are keywords, category, and password) into file for later editing in excel ... when i try to import the same file which i export it gives me error .. no category assigned to link ... something like this ...
How can be assigned if export didn't exported it !?

This would help me a lot since i have cca 5000 links in excel waitting for import..

thanx a lot in advance!

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Re: [sc2utp] Export all fields? In reply to
Did you make sure your .def file matches your database?

Try resyncing the tables, (update def files) and then repair tables.

Then try the export again.

Just a thought.

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