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Error messages....

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Error messages....
I try to build my pages and this is what i get.

ERROR: Unable to open '/home/paulbax/avsempire.net/public_html/index.html' (Permission denied)

This means that the user 'nobody' is not able to overwrite the
existing file. Please make sure you have set the permissions
in the setup to 0666 if you plan to build from both the web
and shell at the same time.

A fatal error has occured:
Debug information at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 896.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.
Stack Trace======================================Links (27655): Links::environment called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/Links.pm line 418 with no arguments.Links (27655): Links::fatal called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 896 with arguments (Debug information at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 896. ).Links (27655): main::_cant_open called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 317 with arguments (/home/paulbax/avsempire.net/public_html/index.html, ).Links (27655): main::_build_home called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/GT/Plugins.pm line 102 with arguments (HASH(0x82b554c)).Links (27655): GT::Plugins::dispatch called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 76 with arguments (GT::Plugins, /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/Plugins, create_home, CODE(0x827f73c), HASH(0x82b554c)).Links (27655): main::build_all called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 43 with no arguments.Links (27655): main::main called at /home/paulbax/avsempire.net/cgi-bin/linksSQL/admin/nph-build.cgi line 30 with no arguments.

Anyone know what is the problem and how to fix it?
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Re: [6foot4] Error messages.... In reply to
Go into shell


cd home/paulbax/avsempire.net/public_html/

chmod 666 index.html
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Re: [giovanni] Error messages.... In reply to
thanks giovanni :)