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Error in Add /Modify sie

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Error in Add /Modify sie

I was having time out error while doing *build all* using admin interface.
After checking the list, i found one solution

First went to the 'admin' direcotry then executed from the
command line as

perl nph-build.cgi --all
after funning quite a long time, the result shows
Finished building categories (1510.00 s)
All done. Total Time: (1538.00 s)

Now from the home page when i am trying for
Add a Site, Modify a Site, Random Link, the error is coming as follows:
Oops, we had the following problem: The site is down for maintenance, please try back shortly.

When pressing What's New, in the new page below What's New , it is
showing '0 New Links'

Any hint is really appreciated.