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Enhancing the Search?

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Enhancing the Search?
Hi Guys, or Gals,

I'd like to enhance my sites search function.

I'd like to add certain fields to the search that must be true when the person searches.

For example it should be something like this:

Search (user enters any keywords they like)
Format: (this should be a selection list of the content of one of the fields that we use named Formats)

If somebody can give me the template that I have to change, and the code for the one listed above named "format" then I'll be able to figure out any other fields that I want to have as specific searches that users can add to their search.

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Re: [Westin] Enhancing the Search? In reply to
Maybe this can somehow be used:

<div class="row required clear">
<label for="Description" class="nicetext">&nbsp;</label>
<div class="value">
<%loop checkbox_loop%>
<input name="<%field_name%>" id="<%value%>" type="checkbox"value="<%value%>" <%if selected%>checked<%endif%> />
<label for="<%value%>"><%name%></label>
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Re: [Westin] Enhancing the Search? In reply to

Never mind, it seems that code can be used just as it is, just dropped it into place and sure enough it works fine.
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Re: [Westin] Enhancing the Search? In reply to
Yeah, passing in any value (as long as its a valid field), will work exactly as you want :)


Andy (mod)
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