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Email compliance bug?

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Email compliance bug?

Not technically a bug, but in the add_system_fields setting

ReceiveMail = Yes

This means that if a user selects 'No' it will be overridden. Since many countries have legislation on this sort of thing, the default templates should include a checkbox or radio selection, and this should _not_ be an override field.

Users have to have the option of recieve mail - Y/N

Since this is a subtlty of the system, the defaults should probably be set to the 'benign' setting. If someone wants to change them later, they can. But since it might be a requirement in some areas to allow email to be switched on/off, it should be an upfront option -- and not re-set behind the scenes.

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Re: Email compliance bug? In reply to

for what it's worth, I agree with Pugdog... this should set to No, and there should be an effort to make it a yes...


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Re: Email compliance bug? In reply to

Yes, you are right, it should definately not be in add_system_fields, the user/author should be able to set it.



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