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Editor Presentation Page

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Editor Presentation Page

I was wondering whether there was a simple way of presenting editors of specific categories, i.e. that there is a link to a page where they have a photo and brief introduction for those interested to personalise the directory a bit.

I couldn't see anything in plug-ins or and mods Frown

Thanks, John
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Re: [Jag] Editor Presentation Page In reply to
Correct me if I am wrong but I recall there being a plugin for editors. I recall that it keeps track of when they logged in and some other issues. Whether it does what you ask I do not know. We will see if someone can dig this out.
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Re: [Jag] Editor Presentation Page In reply to
EditorMonitor by Ian sounds like what you are asking for.

Go into Plugins > Download Manager > List All > Next ... (until you see the "EditorMonitor" plugin).

As far as I know, its still on sale.... although its not supported.


Andy (mod)
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