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Editor Link on any page in LinksSQL

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Editor Link on any page in LinksSQL

The following discussion works on how to get code to display a link for editors in GT Community on any page for an editor (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...i?post=272280#272280). I thought that the following code would work to enable me to create a link for the editor on any page for an editor.

<%if editor%>
Editor link

I.e. only Editors have access to the forum and thus I wouldn't want any old user clicking on the link and then getting a message saying No no no you can't access that.

However the above code works but only on category pages and gives me a big error on other pages. I would like to check if the user is an editor and if so provide him with a link to the forum but on every page.

Any ideas as to how I could achieve this ?

Thanks, John
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