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Editor Link in include_menu.html

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Editor Link in include_menu.html
I've been looking through the different posts on whether or not to display editor links but non seem to work.

In the main menu I don't quite grasp why the editor link is displayed for any valid user !
I just want to display the editor link when a valid user logs on that is an editor.

I already have people saying why are you putting that link there for me if I'm not an editor. Frown

If someone knows what I can do ?

I tried this
but it just doesn't display the editor link even if there is an editor logged on.

Thanks, John
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Re: [Jag] Editor Link in include_menu.html In reply to
Having same issue, was there any resolution on this???

</not a clue>
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Re: [Jag] Editor Link in include_menu.html In reply to
I *think* you can use;

<%is Status eq "Editor"%> ... <%endif%>

I'm pretty sure its the "Status" tag that you need to use (try a <%GT::Template::dump%> to see the list of files).

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Editor Link in include_menu.html In reply to
Alright, figured this out...
In the profile settings for the users, you have
Not validated
Should also be "Editor" added here. I added it, and the <%if Status eq 'Editor'%>...<%endif%> works fine. Before adding it, it didn't work..
Even then, once you assign a user as an editor, you have to manually go back to their profile and change it from "Validated" to "Editor"...

GT.. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong??


Still working on it.. for some reason, the editor link is showing on all pages whether or not there is an editor assigned...???

</not a clue>

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