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Edit_Case global

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Edit_Case global
Who can I use the Edit_Case in a global in the detales page, something g like
<%Edit_Case($Title) %>

to display in every word first sign as upper "Aaa Bbb Ccc"
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Re: [nir] Edit_Case global In reply to
Not sure what you mean? You want a global that will convert a string from "abbbb Bbbbb cbbbb" into "Abbbb Bbbbb Cbbbb" ... etc?

If so, try this:

sub {
my @string = split /\s+/, $_[0];
my @back;
foreach (@string) {
$_ = ucfirst(lc($_));
push @back, $_;

return join(" ", @back);

Then call with:


..or whatever field you want.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Edit_Case global In reply to
Thank for that