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Tried sending a test message to myself. Worked fine for 1 person. Bulk link emails still had problem, but it looks like the beta up there now was before I reported the problem. No biggie.


Tried putting in <%ID%> and <%hits%> in the e-mail. Unknown Tag. Do I need to define this, or should the e-mail be able to access these?? Or.... Am I jumping the gun on if you've gotten to it yet?

Lance Rasmussen

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Re: E-mail In reply to
TAGS are case sensitive as in all versions of LINKS applications...you need to use <%Hits%> NOT <%hits%>.

About the BULK MAIL, when you used the de-bugging option, did a list of emails appear on the following screen? If so, then the problem is that you need to de-select the DE-BUG option before actually sending out emails.


Eliot Lee
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Re: E-mail In reply to
Tried that. no go.

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Re: E-mail In reply to

This is a bug that I'm looking into.



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Re: E-mail In reply to
This was a bug due to a naming scheme used in the Links table. (Username was changed in the links table to LinkOwner). This has been fixed.

Jason Rhinelander
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