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Dynamic to static solution found

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Dynamic to static solution found
I've stumbled on to a PHP solution for displaying dynamic (CGI) LSQL pages as static i.e. search engine /copy and paste friendly URLs.

I needed one of the pages im using as a category to update on each visit (page refresh) without using the standard query strings (/cgi-bin/page.cgi?g=page_name) or setting up cron job to update the static version.

Using Yogi's PageBuilder plugin (or you could upload it manually after each Directory Build) setup a blank PHP page that points to the Links SQL page you need to update eg. root/somecategory/index.php and place the following PHP code:


Works a charm for a few one off pages :D - not certain if you could implement it site wide tho.

Anyone see any reason's why this method wouldn't work?

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Alternatively, you could set up a rewrite rule.

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