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Dynamic filter (ajax)

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Dynamic filter (ajax)
Hi everyone, and Andy! Smile

1st of all, my best wishes for everyone around for this new 2016! Plenty of health and lots of success!!!

I'm planning a new specialized directory where I want to implement a dynamic zone filter for each of my categories. Will try to explain what I'm thinking for this...

I've a few categories (10) and each category has their own listings. Each listing will have a zone field and their proper info to display listings on a map. Now... the thing with the zone field its that I want my users to be able to select/deselect wich zone they want/need to be displayed (one or various) on the map and on the search results (displayed).

So basically I want to know if its possible to display records dynamically on the page and on the map with just clicking on/off checkbox for each zone? Does this make sense? My zone field will be a select box (on the backend), so each record will only have one zone.

Do you think we can build something like this with GLinks? I know its powerful, but I'm not so sure how can we make something like this to work.

I hope my explanation makes sense for everyone.

As always, many thanks!!

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Jesus: Jan 4, 2016, 2:54 PM
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Re: [Jesus] Dynamic filter (ajax) In reply to

Happy new year :)

Yes, this can be done - but its not a simple thing to do (would be a custom job).

If you are handy with jQuery and AJAX, you could make your own. Basically, do something like:


...and stuff like that :)

Alternatively, if you wanted something more flexible, then you would want a custom script, where you pass in the params, and it passes back (ideally) JSON results, which you then parse and put into the page (using something like Mark.up (https://github.com/adammark/Markup.js/)

Hopefully that helps :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Dynamic filter (ajax) In reply to
Thank you Andy,

Let me think better this idea, as also I'll love to track more precisely and I beleive that using a category will help me better for this, but still need to clarify a little more my idea.

Will let you know how it goes,