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Dynamic Content
Hi All,

I am new to this programming technology.

Please can someone suggest a solution to our problem.

When we BUILD the site, we get the latest data for all the categories.

We are getting some data for the index.html files from XML feed from a PLUGIN call.

When we view the page it works fine, but later on when we change the XML data, we dont get the refreshed data into the index.html pages.

We need to do a BUILD all to reflect the changes which takes days...

can somone suggest a better way to implement this Plugin so that it gets the refreshed data each time.

Thanks in Advance...
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Re: [vijayhg] Dynamic Content In reply to
I've moved your thread to a more appropriate place now. Please use the correct forum in the future Wink

How about using page.cgi? This would give you dynamic content, without having to rebuild. If you still wanted to make it look static, then you could use mod_rewrite or something to give it this feel.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [vijayhg] Dynamic Content In reply to
Is that in you category pages?

If yes I might have a solution for you.

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