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Duplicating Categories.

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Duplicating Categories.
Morning all, I have a geographical categories from home, i.e :

Home >
London > County > Town
Scotland > County > town.

I need to duplicate that and have another category infront of it like :

Home >
Something > London > County > Town
Scotland > County > Town
Something2 > London > country > Town etc...

I've tried making the category and moving each location main category inside that, then using a backup, but it kills what i've just done, and only uses what exactly is in the backup. Is there anyway to do this? Theres no copy on the categories that I can see.

If I do it via the database, is it only one table i need to duplicate out? if so which etc?.

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Re: [ryanbmedia] Duplicating Categories. In reply to
Hi. I have a plugin that does this. Please see my PM.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Duplicating Categories. In reply to
I'm interested in the plugin, but is there any other way of doing this manually or something? like to know exactly whats going on, and that we dont really want to spend anymore money on this project at the moment.