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Duplicate index.html pages

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Duplicate index.html pages
Having problems finding a duplicate index.html page on my site. Found out that I had one when using an automatic script to build a sitemap. Showed an error message stating duplicate content. I know that the search engines hate that kinda stuff so i'm trying to figure out where the duplicate page can be.

Using the Links SQL template home.html in my main template folder and also in the local, and one named index.html in the main directory on my server. All three pages have the exact same content, but if I remove the index.html one, site doesn't load in browser.

Question is - Does Links SQL need the home.html template or can it be remove and I can just use my index.html page. Perhaps this is a silly question but i'm kinda stumped - looked everywhere and can find a duplicate page of my index.html anywhere other than perhaps the home.html page.

Thanks in advance for any brilliant ideas you may have on helping me solve this problem.

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