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Dump with MySQL

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Dump with MySQL
I asked before about working offline with Links SQL 2.0 and Eliot or somebody else told me to ftp the built pages after dumping them. Now my question is that I'm working on win2k os and everything is fine and I'm going on just fine in building categories offline, I tried to dump the db and got one file. The server on which Links SQL 2 will work on is cobalt raq 4i which has cobalt Linux 6. Will this make any conflict between the two different os or the dumped db will work fine. How can I restore the db from the dumped file?
Thanks for your help.

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No...all you have to do is use mysqlimport.

Paul provided codes in the MySQLMan forum for importing data from another database. The DUMP is non-OS dependent...meaning it doesn't matter.


Eliot Lee