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Document Exchange (upload/download) function

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Document Exchange (upload/download) function
We would like to configure/modify LinksSQL so that it would allow our members to exchange different types of documents (.doc, PDF, PPT, xls, jpg, gif. etc.) by uploading them with descriptions and then allowing people to download them. We don't need to allow users to view images files but that would be cool.

We have been able to create a new column for images, but when we upload a .doc file or another type the system doesn't work and it won't let us download the image.

Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks!

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Re: [erusten] Document Exchange (upload/download) function In reply to
Look for the attachment plugin - I think it might do the trick for you


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Re: [erusten] Document Exchange (upload/download) function In reply to
If you use the internal FILETYPE column, you can easily attach one item to a link. (you can attach more, but it starts to violate normalization laws, IMHO). If you want to attach a logo and an attachment, you can still use this without getting too messy. I have been playing with it again, and may release a .doc file that summarizes how to get them to work (pulled from all the old messages, and hints/tips from the forum the past 2 years).

If you need multiple attachments, there is an attachments plugin that works pretty well. I have not seen the updated version, but the version from 6 months ago worked well.

I'm still repackaging my logo, attachment, and multi attach programs as plugins. The difference between mine and the other plugin is I concentrated on image handling, and can identify the most common image types, resize them to create a thumbnail automatically, and add drop shadows and rotation to them to make them stand out. The only additions you need to your site are Image::Size and the netpbm utilities, and these can often be installed in your own home directory if you can't get them installed in your server's space.

I'm re-doing a lot of the logic, but there really is a good argument to leave the logo and a single attachment inside the Link record for performance issues.

The new plugin will do that, if you define those fields, but the configuration options will still be in a plugin.cfg file, not stored in the link record. You just won't have to 'fetch' those items from any attached table if you are running the "lite" version. The full version will use an attached table(s) that will require an additional call or two for each link display and detail page display.

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