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Dmoz - error when unzip

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Dmoz - error when unzip
i get this when i lunch unzip process:

TOPIC: Top/Adult/Image_Galleries/Softcore/AVS/CyberAge/Platinum ... skipping

TOPIC: Top/Adult/Image_Galleries/Softcore/AVS/CyberAge/Preferred ... skipping

TOPIC: Top/Adult/Image_Galleries/Softcore/AVS/NetVerifier ... skipping

TOPIC: Top/Adult/Image_Galleries/Softcore/AVS/NetVerifier/Elite ... skipping

TOPIC: Top/Adult/Image_Galleries/Softcore/Free ... skipping

TOPIC: Top/Adult/Image_Galleries/Softcore/Free/A ... Killed

bash-2.05$ 6c6c6c6c

gzip: stdout: Broken pip

what's mean?


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Re: [Ufo2003] Dmoz - error when unzip In reply to
It is likely to mean your host is restricting your cpu/memory usage which killed the process.