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Detailed page counted as cool

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Detailed page counted as cool
I have installed the detailed page plugin. I am not using URLs in the directory. I would like to have the Cool page counts reflect the visits to the detailed page instead of a webpage.

I have the hit count tag changed to %Detailed_Hits% and this works well. Maybe I could get the cool count to use this number also?

I am lost on how to do this. Could someone stear me in the right direction?

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jgkiefer: Oct 12, 2003, 7:51 PM
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Re: [jgkiefer] Detailed page counted as cool In reply to
Never mind I figured it out... kinda.

I used the top 5 global (in my case the top 10) along with the links.html instead. Works great!
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Re: [jgkiefer] Detailed page counted as cool In reply to

I *think* I know what you mean.

This would require a small code change, and maybe I should make it an option.

What it would do, is effectively switch the detail_hits field for the Hits field, when it does an update. So, inside detail_page.cgi what will happen is the "hits" counter gets updated for the visit to the detail page, and the detail_hits gets updated for the normal hit.

This would be for people who use the detail page as the content page, and don't use the URL field, or use the URL to link to deeper content.

In your templates, you'd need to just switch the <%Hits%> and <%Detailed_Hits%> tags, since only the _meaning_ of the tags have changed, but from Links SQL's point of view, it's just business as usual.

Make sense?

Actually, I *think* you could do this by just setting the Detailed_Hits column in the plugins admin to "Hits". This would write the detailed hits to the "Hits" column. As long as you don't use Jump.cgi or something else that counts hits, the counts should be accurate.

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Re: [pugdog] Detailed page counted as cool In reply to
I see what you mean. I guess that switching plugin tags would work, however I am happy with how the global handles this. It is not an elegant hack... but it works. Take a look
I will watch this thread to see how things develop.
Thanks again!