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Detailed Page Only

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Detailed Page Only
I'm sure that this question has been asked, but I couldn't find it during my search. I am trying to build a animal database out of Links SQL.

What I need is for all the links to point to the detailed pages, and no where else. Has anyone come up with a way to automatically set the URL of a new link being added to the detailed page?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: [Redman] Detailed Page Only In reply to
Take a look at the templates. In particular, link.html. Near the top it has something like this:
<a class="category_links" target="_blank" href="<%db_cgi_url%>/jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>"><%Title%></a>
If you wanted to make it link to the detailed page instead, you could change it to:
<a href="<%detailed_url%>"><%Title%></a>