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DB fields not appearing in admin

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DB fields not appearing in admin
Hi All!

My site server was recently moved by the host. I had quite a few custom columns in my links section. Long Desc, etc. Now I see that the columns are not appearing in my admin screen (reverted back to the default), but they ARE still in the DB. Now I tried to add the nwe columns in again but got the error that the column name already exists. I can't lose my data already in there even if I did have the option of overwriting. But now when adding links I am not able to access those custom fields to enter data.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to get those fields , sorry "columns" added back into my admin screen?

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Re: [SSmeredith] DB fields not appearing in admin In reply to

Do you have a copy of the files before your move? You need to update your lsql_Links.def (or lsql_CatLinks.def) files by either:

1) Finding them in your old files, prior to the move - and upload them to your /cgi-bin/admin/defs/ folder)
2) In your admin panel, goto: Database > Links > Properties, then click "Resync table" at the bottom of the main frame.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] DB fields not appearing in admin In reply to
Hi Andy -

It was tempting to click on that link but I was afraid it erase all my custom stuff. I'll check the files first then try the resync.