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DBI won't install with PPM

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DBI won't install with PPM
Gosh, I've been working 16 hour days for a week trying to get Links SQL to run under Windows XP for development purposes and I'm tearing out my hair. The latest problem: I can run the install.cgi script, but when I try to finish the setup I get the error message: Error: Could not connect to database. Reason: DBI module not installed. You must install the perl database module DBI from: http://www.perl.com/...odules/by-module/DBI

OK, looks like I'm missing the DBI module. It seems that the preferred install method is to use PPM. Running PPM looks like it ought to be simple - HA!. After reading all the advice on installing DBI I try to run PPM and get the error message "Failed to load PPM_DAT file. Can't use an undefined value as a SCALAR reference at C:\xampp\perl\site\lib\PPM.pm line 1649, <DATA> line 40." I have not touched the PPM_DATA file, so it should be the default installation.

Line 1649 reads

# None of the above, search the repositories.
unless ($PPDfile && $$PPDfile) {
foreach (keys %repositories) {
my $location = $repositories{$_}{'LOCATION'};
if ($location =~ /[^\/]$/) { $location .= "/"; }
$$PPDfile = $location . $package . ".ppd";
return %PPD if (%PPD = getPPDfile('package' => $$PPDfile,
'parsertype' => $parsertype, 'PPDfile' => \$$PPDfile));
undef $$PPDfile;

In other words, I can't even get PPM to launch, let alone install DBI. I'm running Apache 2.0.47, MySQL 4.0.14, Perl 5.8.0.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions at all, as I'm at my wits end with this.

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Re: [dbr1066] DBI won't install with PPM In reply to

One thing I'd recommend, is using perl version 5.6.1, not the 5.8.0 one from Activestate. You will probably have better luck with ppm with the older one.


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Re: [dbr1066] DBI won't install with PPM In reply to
Have you considered an 'all in one' package, like NuSphere?


You could have it installed and working within 30 mins of downloading. I use this for my development stuff locally. I have PHP, Perl, MySQL and Apache all working on my system. As far as I know, DBI installs with the Perl stuff. Its pretty simple to install. All you have to do is edit a few installation paths, and the rest will be done for you.

I'm no expert on setting up Per/PHP ... so if I can do it, then it must me easy :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] DBI won't install with PPM In reply to
Thanks Alex and Andy,

I wasn't aware of nusphere. I downloaded a similar "all in one" bundle from Sourceforge called "Xampp" which includes Apache, Perl, Php, Mysql and other goodies. It all installed great, but didn't include the DBI module that Links SQL needs. I'll take a look at nusphere to see if it would work better than Xampp. And I guess I could download an older version of Perl to see if that works. Thanks.

>>I'm no expert on setting up Per/PHP ... so if I can do it, then it must be easy :) <<

That pretty well describes me also :-)