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Cron and LSQL environment variables?

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Cron and LSQL environment variables?

I have a problem running nph-build.cgi --all from cron.
The build process is starting and then seems to die away after a while. When using the --changed parameter everything works fine and the build process is completed.

Running either via telnet everything works totally fine.

The guys from the support of my hosting company now tell me that it is a problem with environment variables - most of them are not available when running a script from cron.

I now wonder which environment variables Links (SQL 2.04) needs when doing a build --all and how they could be different from the ones needed by a build --changed ...

Oh - it's not a timeout problem (I'm on a dedicated server finally), the process does not get killed - it just stops, which I can see in the log file where I redirect the output to.

Does anybody have an idea what I could do to get the build process to work via cron?

Thanx in advance.

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Re: Cron and LSQL environment variables? In reply to

It's not environment variables, something is killing/stopping the process. Perhaps crond has a memory limit that it's allowed to use, and Links SQL needs more?



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