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I am making a plugin requiring me to use Creator.pm.

I have found a solution to the problem I was having but was just wondering if the original way didn't work due to a bug or my error :)

Basically when uninstalling the plugin I need to drop a table. When reading the docs I noticed:

You can specify to have create drop the table by passing in ``force''.
$creator->create ("force");

....now I tried this and the table didn't drop (no errors). I got around this by using..


...which worked perfectly.

So should the force option have worked?

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PaulW: Dec 16, 2001, 9:18 AM
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Re: [PaulW] Creator.pm In reply to
No, force would drop the table if it already exists, and then create the table. So it would basically "overwrite" the table. You need to use drop-table to just drop it.


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Re: [Alex] Creator.pm In reply to
Ah ok. I didn't see anything about the drop_table method in the docs...had to go snopping in Creator.pm - maybe I missed it.