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Creating *.cfm pages

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Creating *.cfm pages
I'm gradually getting to grips with LinksSQL, and would like to use .cfm extensions rather than HTML so I can include various Cold Fusion tags within the templates.

I've changed the settings within Build Setup so that the homepage is index.cfm and the file extension is .cfm. Additionally, I've modified the template filenames to *.cfm extensions rather than *.HTML.

However, I'm now encountering an error whilst trying to Build All the pages. :

Building Home Page ...
A fatal error has occured:Invalid method: site_html_home (home.html) at D:/**mypath-to-links-cgi**/admin/Links/SiteHTML.pm line 201.
Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Any ideas what I'm missing here? Will soon be building a Cold Fusion frontend if anybody's interested in testing later.

Any ideas?

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