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Copy a Link from Modify Form

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Copy a Link from Modify Form

I have a lot of fields for my links, and I often have the case where I need to slightly modify an existing link and then place it into another category as a new and separate link.

On the admin panel when you select the option to modify a link, at the bottom after you make changes you can press the button modify the link or the button to delete it. I would like to change the 'Delete' button to an 'Add' button. This way, I can go to the link modify form for the existing link, and make just a few quick changes and place it in a new category. Then I would just press the add button and I would have the new slightly modified link (without having to re-type everything when I just need to make a few small changes).

My problem is that I can't find the template or html code for the link modify form on the admin panel. I'm hoping to be able to just change some code for the delete button to basically convert it to function as an add button.

Does anyone know where I can find this template or code and whether this would even be possible?