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Converting toUTF8 from latin1

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Converting toUTF8 from latin1
We are in the process of moving our site to a new server, and upgrading from MySQL 4 to 5 at the same time. We thought it would be an opportune time to convert from latin1 encoding to UTF8 as well, but we are having all sorts of problems getting half and quarter symbols to display consistently and/or be encoded properly without garbage characters.

Our config is as follows:

Apache 2.2.3 (CentOS)
mod_perl 2.0.2
Perl 5.8.8

I suspect it has something to do with Perl or mod_perl as some test scripts in PHP have had no issues at all. When we use Links to access or output the data we have problems.

I'm interested in hearing any experiences with UTF8/MySQL 5 and how it performs, and if there are any known issues related to Links. I'm happy to pay someone to figure this out for us - it has us totally stumped.