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Coldfusion, Perl and Links SQL

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Coldfusion, Perl and Links SQL

I am in the process of re-implimenting a links database that was written in PHP and uses miniSQL.

I'm reasonably happy with the database changes I need to undertake (I'll be using Postgres). There is the issue of ensuring existing usernames and passwords continue to work. In addition, the authentication tables will be used by other (in-house) sub-systems.

How flexible is links SQL in this respect? How do I go about getting links SQL to authenticate against a non-default table?

The other issue I have is to do with the appearance of links SQL pages.

The system I'm working on uses Perl and Coldfusion for its various components.

For historical reasons wrappers which define the header and footer HTML have been written in Coldfusion. Using them in Coldfusion is not a problem.

For Perl based sub-systems I make an http request (using the LWP module), grab the response and use this generate an appropriate page.

In essence I want links SQL use the existing Coldfusion wrappers for header and footer HTML. A normal links SQL template would be used to generate the 'main text'.

What are my options when it comes to doing this? I've been through the documentation but I'm still not sure how much coding (if any) I need to do.



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