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Cleaning Up Searches and Indexing

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Cleaning Up Searches and Indexing

My Links_Score_List and Links_Word_List is getting a bit out of hand. They are large (15 million and 120,000 records, respectively), and a bit unwieldy, and cause a slow down when adding or modifying records.

I have gone through and modified the fields I index on, and gotten it to a bare minimum. I am still not happy with the results. It can take 30 seconds or more to add or modify a link while the Indexer updates.

I know I have the option of the MySQL index... but I do not like the lack of control that has... nor that it takes 16 seconds (on average) to return results from any search.

So I would like to find a way to make the Internal a bit better. Are there any tweaks to this I can do for such a large database?

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