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Clean Upgrade

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Clean Upgrade
Hey guys.

Using Links SQL 2 under the most current version, with a few plugins.

What would be the best way to keep my existing links data but essentially use a clean new 3.0 version, with preference on keeping the old site available until I hit the switch.

Right now, the only way I see it is to tar my existing CGI folder and extract on new virtual host. Then dump and then load the database into a new database.
Next, insure Links sql 2 works under new virtual, then run the 3.0 upgrade.

Finally dump the 3.0 database and then clear out the cgi folder and do a clean install of links 3 based on the dumped 3.0 data.

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Re: [lancerasmussen] Clean Upgrade In reply to
I think you have it right, but I don't think you need to dump the 3.x database. (Always make a backup, *ALWAYS*)

Just install a second copy of 3.x, and don't overwrite your old tables. (you can use the same /www/pages /www/images directories, since it will keep any old graphics and stuff you have, or use a new one)

Copy the defs directory from the converted 2.x site to the new clean 3.x site (you'll need them!)

make sure the new 3.x site is working the way you think it should.

RENAME the cgi-bin/converted-2.x directory to something odd to "hide" it

Make sure your new 3.x site is still working. <G>

Then, you can feel safe in deleting the converted site, but I would still copy your old templates to the "default" folder, since or the "default_2x" folder, just so you have them to work on, if you need something. I would also keep your converted 2.x images directory available if you have any custom images, that way you can get to them on that server, without having to look elsewhere.

Hope this makes sense.

Now, if your live site is still generating new data, taking new hits, adding new links, etc, that you'll want to have in your new site, DON'T CHANGE ANY TABLES!! between the two sites! Templates, and such, is ok. But if you add a plugin to the new 3.x site, you'll have to add it _again_ if you are going to re-import the data from the live site before you make the new 3.x site live.

To do that, is essentially going through all the steps above, *or* backing up your "live" 2.x site, converting it to the 3.x brand, then copying over the changed files from the "test" site, and adding in any new plugins.

The one thing it's not easy to do in Links is "merge" two working databases, but it's something I'm working on, for the dmoz updater/nexus links project. It's looooong over due :)

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Re: [pugdog] Clean Upgrade In reply to
Makes complete sense.

I keep forgetting about the def's folder and contents..

It would be great to coordinate two working databases.