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Changing multiple links data at once

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Changing multiple links data at once
Hi guys,

I know this is something really basic, but I can't seem to find a way to do it. I have a little over 100 profiles in our church directory that need to have a radio button get switched from on to off in the database. Is there an easier way to do this other than modify each one individually? I'm assuming it's done using something like MySQLMan, but I'm hesitant to play with this...

Thanks for any info,
Perl Hopefull
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Re: [stilton] Changing multiple links data at once In reply to
You can issue a command in the SQL monitor, although it's _probably_ safer to use the MySQLMan, to pick the field, and develop the query.

Or you can issue a command like:

UPDATE TABLE prefix_table_name SET field_name=new_value

Which will set all values in the field_name table to new_value

You can add a WHERE clause, if you only want to change some fields.

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Re: [stilton] Changing multiple links data at once In reply to
If you want to modify multiple entries at once, then you can tick the box at the bottom of the 'modify'; page which says something like 'modify multiple' Wink

Andy (mod)
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