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Changing Templates

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Changing Templates
Hi, my CGI script person left me so I'm on my own until the guy I interviewed last week gets back to me. I just had Linkssql installed and I want to make some changes to the templates. Should I paste the code into Dreamweaver, fool with it there and paste back? I guess making a copy of the code is a good idea. Is there a way that I can change the code in admin, see the changes and if I have messed up revert back to the original code? I just want to change the logo and some other basic stuff, at least for now. Thanks, Shell
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Re: [shricher] Changing Templates In reply to
Hi Shell,

If you mess up the template and want to revert back to the original you can just click on 'restore'. You can also use 'diff' to see what you've changed from the original.

If you are just making small changes it is easier to edit the templates in the editor.

To immediately see the effect of any changes you can view your site dynamically - click on 'dynamic' in your admin menu. Then find the relevant page and the changes should show up straight away.

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Re: [afinlr] Changing Templates In reply to
Hi Laura, thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate it. I'll try what you have suggested. Shell