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Changing Order of Columns

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Changing Order of Columns

Does anyone know if there is a relatively easy way to change the order of the columns (fields) on the Links SQL 2.0.3 administration page for Links and Categories?

In other words, if the order on the administration page for Links is something like

Position 1: ID
Position 2: Title
Position 3: URL
etc. etc.

and we then needed to change it so that it displays on the administration window as:

Position 1: ID
Position 2: URL
Position 3: Title

Is this possible? We have lots of extra fields in the database and would like to put them in better order.

Any comments ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Changing Order of Columns In reply to
It would be a lot of work to SQL DUMP your tables, realign the data in the new tables, etc...

One thing you could consider doing is hacking the admin script to SORT BY the fields you want...but that would be a lot of hard-coding as well...


Eliot Lee
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Re: Changing Order of Columns In reply to
If you only want to change a few fields' order, I think you may use MySQLMan:
1. Browse the Links table (or the table you want to change).
2. DROP: Title
3. Add Fields: Title at the position you want.
4. repeat DROP and Add the field you want to change...

If you want to change a lot of fields at a time, you can manually edit Links\SQL.pm and create your tables from the start.

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Re: [Stealth] Changing Order of Columns In reply to
I also want to change the sortorder of the columns, especially at editors 'add a link' and 'modify a link' form.

It should be possible to add a field at the links tables for this sortorder, where just needs to be a number for the position.

Any idea?

Michael Skaide


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