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Change index.html file

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Change index.html file

Does anyone know how I can change my index.html file to the following?

If the current structure is


I would like to change that to


and then if there are more pages than have it read like this



Is this possible? Will it break the entire structure and return broken pages?

Can there be a template global for this?

Please help.

Thanks so much
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Re: [randyz] Change index.html file In reply to

You could probably do this if your prepared to make changes to the Perl code within the build.pm file.

Trouble is if you ever need to upgrade your version of LinksSQL you'll need to make the same changes each time.

I presume the reason you want to make these changes is to add more keywords to your URL's? if that's the case there's no need as Search engines read Europe/Italy/Hotels as Europe Italy Hotels ie. forward slashes are read as spaces.

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Re: [randyz] Change index.html file In reply to
The Pagebuilder plugin may get you close to what you want.

It would be worth having a look for posts on the Plugin.



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minesite: Sep 7, 2004, 9:15 AM
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Re: [Chas-a] Change index.html file In reply to

Thanks for the reply... I would be interested in doing this but do not have the slightest idea on how I could do it without having any broken URLs. Do you have any suggestions?

I agree about the search engines but the engines do weigh a bit higher for the category names when they are whatever.html. I have found this to be true trhough one of my previous online stores.

Thanks again